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2019-04-29Bump to 7.36Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-03-26Bump to 7.34Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2018-02-17Bump to 7.32Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-06-14Bump to 7.30Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-06-01Bump to 7.28Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2017-02-28Fix use with makepkg -e and -o optionsSebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-10-31Bump to 7.24Sebastian 'Swift Geek' Grzywna
2016-06-08Bump to 7.18Swift Geek
2016-05-20Bump to 7.16Swift Geek
2016-04-30Bump to 7.14Swift Geek
2016-04-21Bump to 7.12Swift Geek
2015-09-13Bump to 7.10Swift Geek
2015-09-05Bump to 7.06Swift Geek
2015-06-10AUR4 importSwift Geek