AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-06Updated to include a fix for bignum >= 0.60.trizen
2021-06-05Updated to the most recent commit.trizen
2021-03-11Removed patch (merged upstream) and updated commit hash to the latest commit.trizen
2020-01-23Version 0.73.git from latest git commit, with patch for `is_totient(n)` when ...trizen
2018-11-15Version 0.73trizen
2018-11-09Version 0.72trizen
2018-08-30Version 0.71trizen
2017-12-03Version 0.70trizen
2017-11-08Version 0.69trizen
2017-10-19Version 0.68trizen
2017-09-24Version 0.67trizen
2017-09-13Version 0.66.trizen
2017-05-03Version 0.65trizen
2017-04-17Version 0.64trizen
2017-04-16Version 0.63trizen
2017-04-16Version 0.62trizen
2017-03-13Version 0.61trizen
2017-02-21Specified the provided modules. (Thanks @dracorp)trizen
2016-10-13Version bump to 0.60trizen
2016-10-07Updated download URL.trizen
2016-08-29Initial committrizen