AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-31bump SRCINFOeDgar
2023-10-31banner on why this package existseDgar
2023-10-31opencl- alternatives as optdependseDgar
2023-10-31upd8 package name (f** off)eDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: chaco chombo ctetgen place-holderseDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends find_inc: return empty if not foundeDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: /usr/lib/ -> adios2eDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: make non-cuda expliciteDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: OpenGL is deprecated (how to include Vulkan?)eDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: TetGeneDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: YAML_SOeDgar
2023-10-31test_optdepends: ADIOS2eDgar
2023-10-30alternatives for hypre (disabled), just in caseeDgar
2023-10-30missing patch for sowing 1.1.26; compiles and checkseDgar
2023-10-30test_optdepends: CONFOPTS without extra spaceeDgar
2023-10-30disable single library (does not affect compilation; may be better for runtime)eDgar
2023-10-30do not disable mpi oversubscribeeDgar
2023-10-30sowing & --with-hdf5-fortran-bindings=1eDgar
2023-10-30contributor ordereDgar
2023-10-30from main not releaseeDgar
2023-10-30bash in test_optdependseDgar
2023-10-30fortran in test_optdepends.sheDgar
2023-10-30resort generic flagseDgar
2023-10-30pin hypre to installed versioneDgar
2022-11-01follow release, mpicc, mpicxx, mpifortEdgar Rios
2022-10-03enable (parallel) cgnsEdgar Rios
2022-01-26disable check, now compiles with hypre 2.23.0eDgar
2021-10-13remove patch for .so libraries (already merged); petsc.install returnseDgar
2021-09-30fix petsc4py symbolic linkeDgar
2021-09-29add patch to fix esmumps bug (fixed by Satish Balay @ petsc-maint)eDgar
2021-09-27better way to find HYPRE (not working for A. Damsgaard) and PTScotcheDgar
2021-09-26symbolic link to petsc4py instead of PYTHONPATHeDgar
2021-09-26trying to disable "mpiexec -oversubscribe"eDgar
2021-09-23use Python list notation for blaslapackeDgar
2021-09-23reinstate blaslapack_download.patch; arrange LIBX11_SO; fix BLAS ifeDgar
2021-09-23fix LAPACK_SO typo, use sh (POSIX) syntax--(thanks Anders Damsgaard); functio...eDgar
2021-09-21upd8 sha512sumeDgar
2021-09-21force right libraries on blaslapack, get rid of patcheDgar
2021-09-21petsc4py_newuser.patch not needed; pkgconf→makedependseDgar
2021-09-19Squashed commit of the following:eDgar
2021-05-18UpdateLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2021-02-04Added chrpath to makedependsLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2021-02-03Fix petsc4py buildLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2021-02-03Add support for petsc4pyLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2020-10-18Minor changesLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2020-10-17Update to release branch by defaultLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2020-05-21Fix dependencies, download externalLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2020-05-12Changes by eDgar: use test_optdepends, remove patchLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli
2019-10-31Temporarily remove pastixLucas Heitzmann Gabrielli