AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-13Change licence identifier to SPDXspider-mario
2023-12-24This appears not to be needed at all anymorespider-mario
2021-03-25Fix build with Octave 6, don’t use CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Releasespider-mario
2020-03-01Enable Octave supportspider-mario
2020-03-01Update optional dependencies (gtk not used anymore)spider-mario
2020-03-01Update maintainerspider-mario
2020-03-01aurutils: fix opencv4 patch.bartus
2018-11-10update dependenciesLukáš Jirkovský
2018-04-01ensure the ImageMagick 7 is not picked inadvertentlyLukáš Jirkovský
2018-04-01update to 2.1.0Lukáš Jirkovský
2017-03-26update to 2.0.6, fix build with opencv (also add opencv to makedepends)Lukáš Jirkovský
2017-02-25update to 2.0.5Lukáš Jirkovský
2016-02-21really disable octave supportLukáš Jirkovský
2015-12-07correctly updating to 2.0.4Lukáš Jirkovský
2015-09-14update to 2.0.4, explicitly disable octave supportLukáš Jirkovský
2015-06-21initial importLukáš Jirkovský