AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-08Updated urlbartus
2020-07-04Pop version 4.10.3bartus
2019-03-18update cmake flagsbartus
add -DOpenGL_GL_PREFERENCE=GLVND selecting glvnd instead of legacy gl lib
2019-03-14pop versionbartus
2019-01-08update checksums arraybartus
2019-01-08enable GPG signatureAlad Wenter
2018-11-18remove mkdir from prepare()bartus
2018-11-04add i686 archbartus
2018-10-31remove signature checkingbartus
2018-10-31update install warning to reflect mplayer backend package namingbartus
2018-10-27correct typobartus
2018-09-14resolve build dep cycle.bartus
move backend from dependends to optdepends. add post_install message to warn user of missing dependency.
2018-09-09fix url (https)bartus
2018-08-24move deps inside package functionbartus
to cop with deps cycle phonon-qt4->phonon-qt4-backend->phonon-qt4->...
2018-08-24unarray pkgnamebartus