AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-11Bump to trigger a rebuild for php-7.3.Spencer Rinehart
2018-06-22Bump for rebuild.Spencer Rinehart
2017-07-19Bump to -3 release.Spencer Rinehart
2017-02-27Add armv7h to arch list.Spencer Rinehart
2017-02-01Update to 3.4.3.Spencer Rinehart
2017-01-19Update to 3.4.3RC2.Spencer Rinehart
2017-01-04Change to https urls.Spencer Rinehart
2016-08-14Update to 3.4.3RC1.Spencer Rinehart
2016-04-24Update to imagick 3.4.2.Spencer Rinehart
2016-03-12Update to 3.4.1.Spencer Rinehart
2016-03-04Update to 3.4.0.Spencer Rinehart
2016-01-28Update LICENSE dates.Spencer Rinehart
2015-09-25Make LICENSE link a full link for docker hub.Spencer Rinehart
2015-08-17Add licensing information to README.Spencer Rinehart
2015-08-09Update license dates.Spencer Rinehart
2015-06-18Update from fig to docker-compose.Spencer Rinehart
2015-06-10Initial commit.Spencer Rinehart