AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-03-07php70-blackfire 1.18.2Ha The Tung
2017-12-07update pkg for last 2 commitHa The Tung
2017-12-07update package for last commitHa The Tung
2017-12-07correct hash for blackfire.iniHa The Tung
2017-12-07php70-blackfire 1.18.0Ha The Tung
2017-09-25php-blackfire 1.18.0Morris Jobke
Signed-off-by: Morris Jobke <>
2017-07-24php-blackfire 1.17.3Morris Jobke
Signed-off-by: Morris Jobke <>
2017-05-17php-blackfire 1.16.2Morris Jobke
Signed-off-by: Morris Jobke <>
2017-01-21php-blackfire 1.14.2Morris Jobke
2016-12-201.14.1Morris Jobke
Signed-off-by: Morris Jobke <>
2016-10-06php-blackfire 1.13.0Morris Jobke
2016-06-201.10.6Morris Jobke
2016-03-30Update to 1.10.0Morris Jobke
2016-02-15also update .SRCINFOMorris Jobke
2016-02-15update to 1.9.1Morris Jobke
2015-12-27update SRCINFOMorris Jobke
2015-12-27Update PHP probe to 1.7.0Morris Jobke
2015-09-09Updated to 1.2.0Massimiliano Torromeo
2015-08-03update to 1.0.0Morris Jobke
2015-06-30Fixed variable quotingMassimiliano Torromeo
2015-06-30Updated and implemented source versioningMassimiliano Torromeo
2015-06-08upgrade to 0.24.1Morris Jobke
2015-06-08php-blackfire 0.23.0Morris Jobke