AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-28upgpkg: 0.2.6b-1jmcb
2023-02-04upgpkg: pico-8 0.2.5gjmcb
2023-02-03upgpkg: pico-8 0.2.5f-1jmcb
2023-01-09pico-8 now links against curljmcb
2022-12-15upgpkg: pico-8 0.2.5e-1 (forgot srcinfo)jmcb
2022-12-15upgpkg: pico-8 0.2.5e-1jmcb
2022-12-13upgpkg: pico-8 0.2.5d-1jmcb
2022-09-25Standard .gitignorejmcb
2022-09-25Sums for aaarch64jmcb
2022-09-25Fix alternate architecturesjmcb
2022-09-25Install second readmejmcb
2022-09-25Pixmaps is simpler with just one iconjmcb
2022-09-25Add dependenciesjmcb
2022-09-25Drastically simplify pkgbuild structurejmcb
2022-09-25Add p8.png to MIME typejmcb
2022-09-25Add GenericName and a category to desktop entry (pkgrel=2)jmcb
2022-09-25Add contributor linejmcb
2022-09-06Update maintainerjmcb
2022-09-06Bump to version 0.2.5cjmcb
2022-05-04update to 0.2.4c with ajust for gnome (JCL813's note)Joe084
2022-02-13update to 0.2.4b with fix dlagent from Auerhuhn's fix and checksum updateJoe084
2021-12-06change pico-8.txt to pico-8_manual.txtJoe084
2021-12-06update to 0.2.4Joe084
2021-09-12fix line dlagentJoe084
2021-09-12update to 0.2.3Joe084
2021-04-22Update to 0.2.2cJoe084
2019-04-23update .SRCINFO for 0.1.12cAndrea Pascal
2019-04-23update to 0.1.12cAndrea Pascal
2019-04-12update to 0.1.12Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
2019-04-09update to 0.1.11g (by anodium, taken from AUR comments)Sebastian Krzyszkowiak
2016-12-17Update to v0.1.10cAdam Scott
2016-12-11Update to v0.1.10bAdam Scott
2016-10-07Update to v0.1.9bAdam Scott
2016-09-22Create new pico-8 package.Adam Scott