AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-19update to 0.6.5Gary Wang
2022-10-03update to 0.6.4Gary Wang
2022-09-13update to 0.6.3Gary Wang
2022-07-03update to 0.6.2Gary Wang
2022-05-14update to 0.6.1Gary Wang
2022-04-05update to 0.6.0Gary Wang
2022-04-05update to 0.5.4Gary Wang
2021-12-19update to 0.5.3Gary Wang
2021-10-11update to 0.5.2Gary Wang
2021-08-09update to 0.5.1Gary Wang
2021-07-17update to 0.5.0Gary Wang
2021-05-29update .SRCINFOGary Wang
2021-05-29update to 0.4.4Gary Wang
2021-05-01update to 0.4.3Gary Wang
2021-03-18update to 0.4.2Gary Wang
2021-02-05update to 0.4.1Gary Wang
2020-12-25update to 0.4.0Gary Wang
2020-11-07update to 0.3.4Gary Wang
2020-10-22update .SRCINFOGary Wang
2020-10-22add source package sha256sum to PKGBUILDGary Wang
2020-10-22init commit for pineapple-pictures package on AURGary Wang