AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-11-29update to 1.4.1Steven Allen
2017-09-11update to 1.4.0Steven Allen
Also, add dbus/systemd service files.
2017-04-25bump to 1.3.1Steven Allen
2017-04-07add python-systemd optdepSteven Allen
2017-04-07remove libnotify dependencySteven Allen
2017-04-07Update to 1.3.0Steven Allen
Also, check PGP signature.
2017-01-06Bump minimum python version to 3.6Steven Allen
This is the only way to handle a rebuild in the AUR.
2016-12-18Move from gst-plugins-{bad,ugly} to gst-libavSteven Allen
1. Users will likely already have ffmpeg installed. 2. Bad plugins are bad (they are more likely to have security problems). 3. Drops *lots* of dependencies. Ideally, we'd be able to depend on *either* using provides but adding the proper provides to all the GStreamer packages would be a *lot* of work.
2016-07-31Update to 1.2.1Steven Allen
2016-07-27Revert "Technically, MPRIS depends on libdbus"Steven Allen
No, really, it doesn't (something else does but that's not our problem). No need to bump the pkgrel because it's already a dep of one of our children... This reverts commit 7a3a979d3eb1feda40884641449cfe3568b777e3.
2016-07-27Technically, MPRIS depends on libdbusSteven Allen
(already a dep of cairo but...)
2016-07-27remove python-dbus depSteven Allen
2016-07-27Update to 1.2.0Steven Allen
2016-05-12update descriptionSteven Allen
2016-05-01Remove install fileSteven Allen
2015-11-23Bump to 0.1.2Steven Allen
2015-10-01bump for python 3.5Steven Allen
2015-06-09Initial commitSteven Allen