AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-12Update packageCharles Milette
2017-11-05Update depsCharles Milette
2017-11-05Update PKGBUILDCharles Milette
2017-09-15Update pkgrelCharles Milette
2017-09-15Add setuptools as depsCharles Milette
2017-09-15Update for new packagingCharles Milette
2017-09-05Keep track with upstreamCharles Milette
2017-08-19Add missing makedependCharles Milette
2017-08-19It already brokeCharles Milette
2017-08-19Update src infoCharles Milette
2017-08-19I'm so sorryCharles Milette
2017-08-19Use zip files, reduces download timesCharles Milette
2017-08-19Add more things to deleteCharles Milette
2017-06-24Update to latest changes by upstreamCharles Milette
2017-06-20Fixed optdepends to point to true GNOME packageCharles Milette
2017-06-20Remove useless stuffCharles Milette
2017-06-20Add new aliasCharles Milette
2017-06-17Add tilixCharles Milette
2017-06-11Initial commitCharles Milette