AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-25Updated to new release. But i suggest to use SNAP version anyway, because it ...Kisuke-CZE
2018-05-22Just another fix for broken hardlinked library in code...Kisuke-CZE
2018-03-25Some dirty fixes for compatibility with new version of openexrKisuke-CZE
2018-01-19Updated version released, batch export fixed. Since polarr is now provided as...Kisuke-CZE
2017-12-27Removed libvips dependecy, added vips dependecy (same package, only could not...Kisuke-CZE
2017-12-23Upgraded to new version, added new dependecy libvipsKisuke-CZE
2017-11-21Updated PKGBUILD, added gconf dependecy as suggested in comment.Kisuke-CZE
2017-04-27Initial commit of polarrshameempk