AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-27-d for home directoryStavros Polymenis
2016-07-27trying -m / approachStavros Polymenis
2016-07-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Polymenis
2016-07-27don't create any home directoryStavros Polymenis
2016-07-27don't create any home directoryStavros Polymenis
2016-07-27added -r and -s /bin/false for portal userStavros Polymenis
2016-07-27added user & group creation or deletionStavros Polymenis
2016-07-17avahi.service correctionsStavros Polymenis
2016-07-17fixed avahi.service again, portal was invalidStavros Polymenis
2016-07-17fixed avahi protocol typeStavros Polymenis
2016-07-17added avahi service file and dependencyStavros Polymenis
2016-02-14updated upstream urlStavros Polymenis
2016-02-14changed to yamado-git for optional dependencyStavros Polymenis
2015-10-25cert regeneration on domain changeSP
2015-10-24version increase for upstream package updateSP
2015-10-24new alpha with portal domain interfaceSP
2015-10-24disable fqdn check in postfixSP
2015-10-24package version incrementSP
2015-10-24run doveconf on package changes and install 10-master in portal's sharedirSP
2015-10-24added dovecot auth configuration and new beta packageSP
2015-10-24file copy based configurationSP
2015-10-24backtrack on copyingSP
2015-10-24experimenting with master.cfSP editing and stripped executablesSP
2015-10-23fix typoSP
2015-10-23updated package checksumsSP
2015-10-23added doveconfSP
2015-10-12update .srcinfoSP
2015-10-12sudoers.d files can't containt period charactersSP
2015-10-12reduced to /usr/bin/portal for sudoersSP
2015-10-12package version bump for new portal.sudoSP
2015-10-12sudo portal command allowed for wheelSP
2015-10-12added portal interface program and switched to new binary packageSP
2015-10-12srcinfo updateSP
2015-10-12Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-10-12add sudo file and install commandSP
2015-10-12add sudo file and install commandSP
2015-10-12depend on package sudoSP
2015-10-09package version bumpSP
2015-10-09calling hostname function instead of HOST variableSP
2015-10-09removing back up listSP
2015-10-08version bump-upSP
2015-10-08added portal.install and backup array for postfix filesSP
2015-10-05new portal-postconf, can modify domainSP
2015-10-04v0.1 portal-postconf.tar.gzSP
2015-10-03experimental postconf utilitySP
2015-09-25SKIP value for checksumsSP
2015-09-25removed variable from source fieldSP
2015-09-20postfix dovecot and nginx are mandatorySP