AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-08Change source URLsDavid Gonzalez
2022-11-24Taking over as maintainerDavid Gonzalez
2022-11-05Add openssl-1.1 dependency10101000
2021-12-16Forgot to update .SRCINFO.10101000
2021-12-16Update to
2021-10-09Add missing depJeff Henson
2021-10-09Update to 1.4.0Jeff Henson
2020-02-03Update to v.1.3.3Jeff Henson
2019-01-22Update git ignoreJeff Henson
2018-11-29Add required power scriptsJeff Henson
2018-11-27Fix sha256sums arrayJeff Henson
2018-11-27Allow users in the power group to use pwrstatJeff Henson
2018-03-16Update urlJeff Henson
2018-03-16Clean up PKGBUILDJeff Henson
2017-03-12fix versiontanner filip
2017-03-12fix checkstanner filip
2017-03-12update srcinfotanner filip
2017-03-12update URLs, use sha256sum instead of md5tanner filip
2016-01-21Correct email script path in lowbatt / powerfail scripts.Justin Settle
2015-08-05AUR4; Move to 1.3.2Justin Settle