AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
9 daysremove O2 patchxdavidwu
they now O2 by default see:
2020-10-22install to /usr/xdavidwu
2020-10-22split assets into common packagexdavidwu
solves inner package conflicts
2020-10-21use system snappyxdavidwu
2020-10-21fix dependenciesxdavidwu
2019-06-25add makedep on pythonMaxime Gauduin
2018-08-28Update ppsspp-gitMaxime Gauduin
2018-06-18Add libglvnd to makedependsMaxime Gauduin
2018-02-11Use system libzipMaxime Gauduin
2017-05-20Accept spaces in ROM pathsMaxime Gauduin
2017-04-29Delete all MKPKG and add missing pantheon makedependsMaxime Gauduin
2017-04-11ppsspp-git: Pass arguments in the wrapper scriptsMaxime Gauduin
2017-04-05ppsspp-git 1.4.r48.f66e54c4c-1Maxime Gauduin
2017-04-04ppsspp-git 1.4.r37.e99f1c00f-1Maxime Gauduin
2017-02-12Change the ffmpeg version used by ppsspp from the one provided by archlinux ↵Marco Torsello
to the fork of the ppsspp project
2016-12-22ppsspp-git 1.3.r229.47ee86ebc-1Maxime Gauduin
armips also has a submodule now
2016-12-11ppsspp-git 1.3.r191.aa964ea-1Maxime Gauduin
2016-11-08ppsspp-git 1.3.r146.9c08b60-1Maxime Gauduin
2016-05-06ppsspp-git 1.2.2.r353.a4ca07e-1Maxime Gauduin
Fix depends
2015-09-26Fix typoMaxime Gauduin
2015-09-23ppsspp-git 1.0.1.r2744.7e70a74-1Maxime Gauduin
debian folder has been removed
2015-09-07ppsspp-git 1.0.1.r2617.cf0697e-1Maxime Gauduin
2015-06-15Fix: ppsspp-git 1.0.1.r599.0597b92Maxime Gauduin
Patch merged upstream
2015-06-08Initial importMaxime Gauduin