AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-21Get new version, rev 824b0d7fa883Polichronucci
2017-01-16Upgrade to version 2df32ac11b31 (04-11-2016)Polichronucci
2017-01-16Minor changes to PKGBUILDPolichronucci
Set correctly formatted pkgver. Set _pkgver variable for easier update. Insert single quotes where possible. Change sha1sums to sha512sums.
2016-03-10Fix url, with parenthesis it was not an arrayPolichronucci
2015-11-05Change url from http to https for security.Polichronucci
2015-11-05Change url of module info to the correct one.Polichronucci
2015-11-05Add lua51-bitop dependency, module crashed without it.Polichronucci
2015-11-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into HEADPolichronucci
2015-11-05Revoke last update, there never was an update. Fix wrong file url, file was ↵Polichronucci
not in raw format.
2015-11-05Fix wrong file url, was not rawPolichronucci
2015-11-05Fix sha1sum of last updatePolichronucci
2015-11-0501-10-2015 UpdatePolichronucci
2015-10-18Initial importPolichronucci