AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-05Small bugfixJim Heald
2017-02-25Got rid of unecessary cython dependencyJim Heald
2017-02-17Don't use Cython anymoreJim Heald
2017-02-17Next version!Jim Heald
2017-01-28Oh yeah, need to update pkg databaseJim Heald
2017-01-28Had my versioning wrong so just made it another releaseJim Heald
2016-12-06Added gtk3 as dependencyJim Heald
2016-12-06Apparently needed the git in the sourceJim Heald
2016-11-21Debugging PKGBUILDJim Heald
2016-11-21A few extra changesJim Heald
2016-11-21Fixed pkgrelJim Heald
2016-11-21Added a desktop entryJim Heald
2016-11-21Need a pkgrel apparentlyJim Heald
2016-11-21Made a minor adjustmentJim Heald
2016-11-20First commitJim Heald