AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-15upgpkg: python-agate-dbf 0.2.2-3Caleb Maclennan
Rebuild for Python 3.10
2021-08-06upgpkg: python-agate-dbf 0.2.2-2Caleb Maclennan
Cleanup small syntax details
2021-08-05Fix dependency situationCaleb Maclennan
Note upstream requirement file is only for testing with tox, it is not relevant to the actual library or even testing it with other test runners.
2020-07-070.2.2 releaseMichał Pałubicki
2020-05-29Use HTTPS wherever possibleCaleb Maclennan
upgpkg: csvkit-git 1.0.4.r29.g9b76055-1 upgpkg: ec2-metadata 0.1.1-1 upgpkg: font-manager-git 0.7.5.r0.gdaf9d39-1 upgpkg: font-manager 0.7.7-1 upgpkg: git-annex-git 5.20141024-0 upgpkg: gtkhtml4 4.10.0-2 upgpkg: janus-gateway 0.9.5-1 upgpkg: lua-bit32 5.3.0-6 upgpkg: lua-iconv 7-3 upgpkg: lua-mediator 1.1.2-3 upgpkg: nodejs-nan 2.10.0-1 upgpkg: otf-antykwa-torunska 2.08-2 upgpkg: otf-bravura 1.360-1 upgpkg: otf-chunk 20180627-1 upgpkg: otf-im-fell-types 20121117-2 upgpkg: otf-iwona 0.995-2 upgpkg: otf-tex-gyre-ib 2.005-8 upgpkg: pdfstudio-bin 2019.2.2-1 upgpkg: perl-hash-merge-simple 0.051-2 upgpkg: perl-test-most 0.37-1 upgpkg: perl-test-use-ok 0.11-5 upgpkg: praat-git 6.1.09.r104.g9db902f-3 upgpkg: praat 6.1.15-1 upgpkg: prince-bin 13.5-1 upgpkg: prince-books-bin 20191125-1 upgpkg: python-agate-dbf 0.2.1-2 upgpkg: python-agate-excel 0.2.3-2 upgpkg: python-agate-sql 0.5.4-2 upgpkg: python-agate 1.6.1-4 upgpkg: stund 0.97-5 upgpkg: sword-svn r3722-1 upgpkg: teamocil 1.4.2-2 upgpkg: ttf-alef-ibx 1.001-6
2020-03-04Split build() and package() stages, correct docs pathCaleb Maclennan
2019-03-16Update to version 0.2.1Michał Pałubicki
2019-03-16Reduce package sizeMichał Pałubicki
Linking to already installed theme package removes assets duplication.
2019-02-28Running test suiteMichał Pałubicki
2019-02-28Building docsMichał Pałubicki
2019-02-28Cleaning up dependenciesMichał Pałubicki
2017-09-11Updated to 0.2.0Michał Pałubicki
2016-07-08Initial commitGabriel Magno