AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-10Added setuptools depedencyPellegrino Prevete
2020-06-26Upgraded to 2.1.3Pellegrino Prevete
2020-06-25Upgraded to 1.8.4Pellegrino Prevete
2017-05-04Update python-apt to beta3dylan araps
2017-04-07Update to 1.4.0dylan araps
2017-04-06Fix 1.1.0~beta5 linkdylan araps
2017-02-24Update to beta5Nathan Hourt
2016-08-281.1.0~beta4Johannes Dewender
This also needs apt >= 1.1 now.
2016-04-01Updating to 1.1.0~beta2Jacob Alexander
- Required to properly compile with the current version of apt in AUR - Removed sed patch on apt/progress/ as the file no longer exists - Updated url to point to Debian's new pkg tracker - Updated apt depends to reflect debian min version of 1.1.0~beta2
2016-03-29use jessie version Dewender
The latest unstable is a beta version.
2015-06-240.9.4Johannes Dewender
We don't update to the 1.0.0 beta for now.
2015-02-12python-apt: create split package with python2-aptJohannes Dewender
2015-02-05python-apt: Dewender
2014-07-10python-apt: Dewender
2014-06-11python-apt: created as Dewender