AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-23Update to 1.6.0, added requests dependencyMeir Kriheli
2017-03-28Bumped to 1.5.1Meir Kriheli
2016-12-24Update to version 1.5.0Meir Kriheli
2016-04-05Update to 1.4.0Meir Kriheli
2016-03-13Bump to 1.3.0Meir Kriheli
2015-11-10Depend on ruamel.yamlMeir Kriheli
2015-11-10Updated to 1.2.1Meir Kriheli
2015-10-02Remove python-click version overrideMeir Kriheli
2015-10-02Update to version 1.1.0, fix some namcap issuesMeir Kriheli
2015-08-13Added dependency on python-clickMeir Kriheli
2015-07-11Update SRCINFO as wellMeir Kriheli
2015-07-11Handle click < 4 issueMeir Kriheli
2015-06-21Bump to 1.0.0Meir Kriheli
2015-06-21Initial importMeir Kriheli