AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-06Update to 4.17Maikel Wever
2018-08-03Update to 4.16.1Maikel Wever
2018-06-08Forgot to update srcinfoMaikel Wever
2018-05-29Update to 4.12.1Maikel Wever
2017-09-29Update to 4.1.1Maikel Wever
2017-09-29Add autoupdate fileMaikel Wever
2017-03-07Update to 2.4Maikel Wever
2017-02-01Update to 2.3.2Maikel Wever
2017-01-07Bump for rebuildMaikel Wever
2016-12-28Add setuptools to makedependsMaikel Wever
2016-12-28Update to 2.2Maikel Wever
2016-10-06Update to 2.0.1Maikel Wever
2016-09-16Initial commit v1.44.7Maikel Wever