AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-10-28release: python-intelhex v2.2.1-1Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream. * Broke tests, disable for now.
2017-01-26PKGBUILD: Fix makedependsQuentin Bourgeois
The main goal of this patch is to fix the makedepends that does not include python{,2}-setuptools (thus won't build on some systems). It also includes: * Add of LICENSE file into generated packages * Unique name for the downloaded archive file * A check() function that benefit of unittest * Proposal for switching to braces-enclosed variablesx
2016-09-07pkgrel: v2.1-3 Add python2 supportKyle Manna
* Add python2 support following AUR merge.
2016-09-03pkgrel: Begin python2-intelhex split + mergeKyle Manna
* Create a split package to consolidate two AUR pkgs in to one. * Need Arch linux merge request to be submitted
2016-04-27release: python-intelhex v2.1-1Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream.
2015-11-05Initial release: v2.0Kyle Manna
* Should be good for a while.