AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-07Update to version 2.1-1kewl fft
2018-05-04Update to version 2.0.20180503-1kewl fft
2018-04-10Update to version 2.0.20180410-1kewl fft
2018-04-07Update to version 2.0.20180406-1kewl fft
2018-02-24fix makedependskewl fft
2018-02-24version 22-02-2018kewl fft
2018-02-13python-miniupnpc: updating makedependsM0Rf30
2018-02-12python-miniupnpc: removed refereces to python2 in descM0Rf30
2018-02-12python-miniupnpc: splittable package, some refinements on makedeps and archit...M0Rf30
2018-02-12python-upnpc: splittable package, some refinements on makedeps and architecturesM0Rf30
2018-02-12new base package python2/3kewl fft
2018-02-11supports both python2/3kewl fft
2018-02-09refreshed in line with python2-miniupnpckewl fft
2018-02-08Get package from further upstream and bump version to 2.0.20180203Nicholas Tomlinson
2015-12-14Initial importNicholas Tomlinson