AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-02-12Update to 2.4.Maximilian Stahlberg
2021-10-07Update to 2.3.Maximilian Stahlberg
2021-02-09Update to 2.2.Maximilian Stahlberg
2021-02-06Fix an error in check().Maximilian Stahlberg
2021-01-30Use a build/check/package flow.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-12-29Update to 2.1.Maximilian Stahlberg
To fix a bug with installation, is retrieved from 2.1.1.
2020-09-27Add optional dependencies.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-07-08Remove Python 2 support.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-03-03Update to 2.0.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-01-05Make pkgbase a string.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-01-11Update to 1.2.0.Maximilian Stahlberg
2018-10-05Update to 1.1.3.Maximilian Stahlberg
2018-08-28Add the git variants as conflicting packages.Maximilian Stahlberg
2018-08-26Update project URL.Maximilian Stahlberg
2018-08-19Fix paths to match the new source archive.Maximilian Stahlberg
2018-08-08Update download link.Maximilian Stahlberg
2017-12-12Fix makedepends, add .gitignore.Maximilian Stahlberg
2017-10-19Initial package for PICOS 1.1.2.Maximilian Stahlberg