AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-30Bump to 3.3.0, update to PEP 517 flowIvan Shapovalov
2023-08-02Bump to 3.2.3 --- not touching PEP 517 yetIvan Shapovalov
2022-12-29Bump to 3.2.2, use proper releases, check PGP signatureIvan Shapovalov
2021-12-14Disable developer mode to avoid triggering -WerrorIvan Shapovalov
2021-12-14Bump to 3.2.1Ivan Shapovalov
2021-01-24Add missing cython build dependencyIvan Shapovalov
2021-01-19Bump to 3.2.0; use a repository archive as canonical source tarball has not b...Ivan Shapovalov
2020-12-04Bump to 3.1.1; validate pgp signatureIvan Shapovalov
2020-09-16Bump to 3.0.0Ivan Shapovalov
2020-02-23Bump to 2.0.0Ivan Shapovalov
2019-08-01Bump to 1.3.1Ivan Shapovalov
2019-02-27Fix namcap warningsIvan Shapovalov
2019-02-27Initialize with 1.2Ivan Shapovalov