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2021-06-250.31.3Martin Diehl
2021-06-130.31.1Martin Diehl
2021-06-100.31.0Martin Diehl
2021-05-060.29.1Martin Diehl
2021-04-090.29.0Martin Diehl
2021-02-19correct dependenciesMartin Diehl
thanks to sitic for pointing out the dependency of transforms3d
2021-02-110.28.0Martin Diehl
2020-12-16initial commitMartin Diehl
hope it will be helpful
2019-06-30Version 0.21.0Michael Borders
Apparently I missed 0.20.4's release
2019-06-06Version 0.20.3 w .SRCINFOMichael Borders
I forgot that git add * doesn't add dotfiles.
2019-06-06Version 0.20.3Michael Borders
2019-05-17Version 0.20.2Michael Borders
2019-05-15Version 0.20.1Michael Borders