AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-14Add patch from issue #20 to solve Python 4.8.1 problem.Donald Webster
2019-08-29Update to v2.0.0.Donald Webster
2019-08-12Update to v1.0.1.Donald Webster
2019-07-23Add check and PKGBUILD cleanup.Donald Webster
2019-07-22Cleanup PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2019-06-21Update depends and maintainer.Donald Webster
2018-12-14Update to v1.0.0.Donald Webster
2017-06-03Bump to 0.9.0Sébastien Leduc
2017-01-28Fix makedependency to pytest-runnerSébastien Leduc
2016-12-14Bump to 0.8.2Sébastien Leduc
2016-09-25Bump to 0.7.6Sébastien Leduc
2016-08-16Bump to 0.7.3Sébastien Leduc
2016-07-11Add missing dependency to setuptoolsSébastien Leduc
2016-05-08Fix source URLSébastien Leduc
2016-05-05Bump to 0.7.2Sébastien Leduc
2016-02-07Bump to 0.7.1Sébastien Leduc
2016-01-26Bump to 0.7.0Sébastien Leduc
2016-01-24Initial commit with version 0.6.5 of rebulkSébastien Leduc