AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
24 hoursUpdate to 0.19.3Pekka Ristola
2021-09-08Update to 0.19.2Pekka Ristola
2021-08-18Update to 0.19.1Pekka Ristola
2021-08-04Update to 0.19.0 and clean up the PKGBUILDPekka Ristola
2021-07-06Update to 0.18.0Tim Schumacher
2021-05-24Update to 0.17.3Tim Schumacher
2021-05-22Update to 0.17.2Tim Schumacher
2021-05-20Update to 0.17.1Tim Schumacher
2021-05-17Update to 0.17.0Tim Schumacher
2021-04-22Update to 0.16.0Tim Schumacher
2021-04-12Solve LICENSE file conflicts with other packagesTim Schumacher
2021-04-07Update to 0.15.1Tim Schumacher
2021-03-26Update to 0.15.0Tim Schumacher
2021-02-17Update to 0.14.3Tim Schumacher
2021-02-09Update to 0.14.2Tim Schumacher
2021-01-19Initial python-ytmusicapi packageTim Schumacher