AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-07bump to rev 0.19.11drrossum
2018-12-28update to rev 0.19.9 and drop python-dulwichdrrossum
2018-11-12bump to rev 0.19.8drrossum
2018-07-18bump to version 1.19.5drrossum
2018-04-09bump to rev 0.19.2drrossum
2017-11-16fix makedepends and rename python2-dulwich binaries to avoid conflict with py...drrossum
2017-10-31base off of dulwich-$pkgver releases instead of upstream-$pkgver releasesdrrossum
2017-10-30change source to github and update to version 0.18.5drrossum
2017-09-15bump to rev 0.18.3drrossum
2017-07-17add mutual conflicts between python2/python3 packagesdrrossum
2017-07-03bump to version 0.17.2drrossum
2017-04-18split python packagedrrossum
2017-03-13bump to rev 1.7.1drrossum
2017-01-30bump to rev 0.16.3drrossum
2017-01-11bump to rev 1.6.1drrossum
2016-08-30bump to version 1.4.1drrossum
2016-08-10update arch to anydrrossum
2016-06-09bump to rev 0.13.0drrossum
2016-03-02bump to version 0.12.0drrossum
2015-07-29Initial importdrrossum