AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-09-04Updated to 3.0.1-1jerry73204
2016-07-04Updated to 2.3.0-1jerry73204
2016-03-30Updated to 2.2.0-5. Upload patch for removing argparse dependencyjerry73204
2016-02-10Updated to 2.2.0-4. Patch typo in PKGBUILD.jerry73204
2015-12-08Updated to 2.2.0-3. Rename binaries in /usr/bin/*jerry73204
2015-09-23Updated to 2.2.0-2. Fix up missing dependencies.jerry73204
2015-09-05Switch source url to released tar.gz on Github. Update version to 2.2.0jerry73204
2015-09-05Updated to 2.2.r49.g7d964f8Borja Ruiz
2015-09-05Updated to 2.1.1.r18.g528e2dbBorja Ruiz