AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-07Update versionKartik Mohta
2019-12-08Update versionKartik Mohta
2019-11-16Update release number for python 3.8Kartik Mohta
2019-10-05Update versionKartik Mohta
2019-05-07Update versionKartik Mohta
2019-04-14Update versionKartik Mohta
2018-10-09pkgbase should not be an arrayKartik Mohta
2018-08-10Update versionKartik Mohta
2017-10-12Update versionKartik Mohta
2017-09-26Update versionKartik Mohta
2017-08-12Update versionKartik Mohta
2017-06-27Fully separate into Python 2 and 3 packagesKartik Mohta
2016-05-03Update to version 1.0.39 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2016-03-05Update to version 1.0.38 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-10-16Update to version 1.0.37 (pkgrel 1)Benjamin Chrétien
2015-03-08indigo: desktop_full update.Benjamin Chrétien
2015-02-19dependencies: updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-07-06Add some updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-26python2-rospkg: update.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-05python2-rospkg: update to 1.0.28.Benjamin Chrétien
2013-05-27Updated all packages to release/groovy/[...] where available.Sean Greenslade
2013-05-20Progress made on tweaking packages for AUR.Sean Greenslade
2013-01-17Rearrange dependencieshauptmech