AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-19fix some stuffNiklas
2018-06-19Fix patch pathÓscar García Amor
2018-06-15Added change_macro_name.patchÓscar García Amor
2017-11-05Updated sha256sumsÓscar García Amor
2017-05-10Updated to 3.1.1Óscar García Amor
2017-05-10Update SRCINFOÓscar García Amor
2017-05-10Use OpenSSL 1.0Óscar García Amor
2017-03-01Updated to 3.1.0Óscar García Amor
2016-08-08ffmpeg has been added to dependency listMike Nagie
2016-08-02ffmpeg2.8 has been added to build time dependency listMike Nagie
2016-06-02dependency update 3Mike Nagie
2016-06-02cython2 removed from makedependsMike Nagie
2016-06-02dependency update 2Mike Nagie
2016-06-02dependency updateMike Nagie
2016-06-01initial importMike Nagie