AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-07upgrade qarte to 4.11.0Fortin
2020-05-27upgrade qarte to 4.10.0Fortin
2020-05-10remove debian folder from packageFortin
2020-05-10qarte updated to 4.9.0-1Fortin
2020-05-07qarte updated to 4.8.0-1Fortin
2019-12-22qarte updated to 4.7.0-2Fortin
2019-11-27qarte updated to 4.7.0Fortin
2018-10-16qarte updated to 4.6.0Fortin
2018-08-30qarte updated to 4.5.0Fortin
2018-07-20qarte updated to 4.4.0Fortin
2018-05-18qarte updated to 4.2.0Fortin
2018-04-21qarte updated to 4.1.0Fortin
2018-02-22qarte updated to 4.0.0Fortin
2018-01-06qarte updated to 3.13.0ktalog
2017-11-15qarte updated to 3.12.0ktalog
2017-09-18qarte updated to 3.11.0ktalog
2017-08-14qarte updated to 3.9.0ktalog
2017-08-06qarte updated to 3.8.0ktalog
2017-07-24Update to 3.7.0Michael Straube
2016-07-11update to 3.1.1Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-07-05update pkgrevFlorent H. CARRÉ
2016-07-05add dependency : qt5-translationsFlorent H. CARRÉ
2016-06-29updated to 3.0.4Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-02-06updated to 2.8.0 and new fix for crontabFlorent H. CARRÉ
2016-01-26fix an upstream bug : bad chmod on loaders.pyFlorent H. CARRÉ
2016-01-26updated to 2.7.0Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-11-03updated to 2.6.0Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-10-31updated to 2.5.0Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-07-18Initial importFlorent H. CARRÉ