AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysUpdate to 4.0.0-2 - poppler 0.78 / nettle 3.5 rebuildjonpas
8 dayspoppler 0.78 / nettle 3.5 rebuildjonpas
2019-06-12Update to 4.0.0-1, Add microphone lag fix patchjonpas
2018-12-16update to 3.1.0, drop audio patchVaporeon
2018-11-18add final pcie bus speed patchVaporeon
2018-10-18disable PCIe bus speed patchVaporeon
2018-10-18Use external source for extra patchesVaporeon
2018-10-18Add pcie-nasty patchjonpas
2018-08-29update 3.0.0Vaporeon
2018-06-17chnage audio patchVaporeon
2018-05-11PS/2 input patchVaporeon
2018-05-09Why is .SRCINFO a hidden file? It just makes you forget about it,Vaporeon
2018-05-09Readd SMT patchVaporeon
2018-05-05updated 2.12.0Vaporeon
2018-02-19update 2.11.1Vaporeon
2018-02-19patch for mouse side buttons and evdev passthroughVaporeon
2018-01-30trigger update for spiceVaporeon
2017-12-23update depVaporeon
2017-12-22merge this to one patchVaporeon
2017-12-14update to 2.11.0 and add ivshmem patches for looking glassVaporeon
2017-11-03add amd zen smt patchVaporeon
2017-11-01add patched packageVaporeon