AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-09-19Update .SRCINFO for 3.11.6Nicolas Cornu
2016-09-19Update to v3.11.6Nicolas Cornu
2016-03-22Update to 3.11.4Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-02-11make-release: use makepkg to generate .SRCINFODimitri Merejkowsky
2016-02-05Update to 3.11.2Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-01-28Update to 3.11.1Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-01-12make-release: reset pkgrel when version changesDimitri Merejkowsky
2016-01-12make-release: make sure to use python3Dimitri Merejkowsky
2016-01-12Update to 3.11Dimitri Merejkowsky
2015-12-05Add optdepends to python2-xdgDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-12-05Add optdepends to gcovrDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-11-24Rmove optdepends to python2-virtualenvDimitri Merejkowsky
It's a required dependency
2015-11-24fix name of qt5-tools opt dependsDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-11-21PKGBUILD: add missing deps to python2-setuptools and python2-virtualenvDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-11-21make-release: use stuff from dev-tools instead of re-implementing themDimitri Merejkowsky
* use updpkgsums to update the checksums * use extra-x86_64-build to build in a clean chroot
2015-10-22Update to 3.10.1Dimitri Merejkowsky
2015-09-15Add a tool to automate qibuild releaseDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-09-15bump to 3.10Dimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-21Update .SCRINFODimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-17bump to 3.9Dimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-17.gitignoreDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-17fix .SRCINFODimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-17fix upstream doc urlDimitri Merejkowsky
2015-07-17initial importDimitri Merejkowsky