AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-06-21enable QT_FEATURE_zstdStephan Springer
2022-06-17update to version 6.3.1Stephan Springer
2022-04-12update to version 6.3.0Stephan Springer
2022-03-19update to version 6.2.4Stephan Springer
2022-03-03fix optdependsStephan Springer
2022-03-03update to version 6.2.3Stephan Springer
2021-12-01update to version 6.2.2Stephan Springer
2021-10-27update to version 6.2.1Stephan Springer
2021-09-30update to version 6.2.0Stephan Springer
2021-09-03update to version 6.1.3Stephan Springer
2021-07-05update to version 6.1.2Stephan Springer
2021-06-14Does not build with lto enabled.Stephan Springer
Assembler message: Error: invalid attempt to declare external version name as default in symbol `qt_version_tag@@Qt_6.1'
2021-06-13update to version 6.1.1Stephan Springer
2021-05-08update to version 6.1.0Stephan Springer
2021-05-06update to version 6.0.4Stephan Springer
2021-04-01update to version 6.0.3Stephan Springer
2021-03-04update to version 6.0.2Stephan Springer
and add the patches used in community/qt6-base
2021-02-03update to version 6.0.1Stephan Springer
2020-12-22qt6-base-headless 6.0.0Stephan Springer
based on extra/qt6-base