AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-31Bumped package to the 4.3.x version pluginDanijel Zlaus
2016-12-16And forgot to update .SRCINFO yet againDanijel Zlaus
2016-12-16Bumped package release to 2Danijel Zlaus
2016-12-16Removed lower bound check for QtCreatorDanijel Zlaus
2016-12-15Upgraded package to 4.2.x compatibilityDanijel Zlaus
2016-08-26Bumped package to 4.1.0utsi
2016-05-18Upgraded package to 4.0.0utsi
2016-03-31Forgot to increment pkgrel...utsi
2016-03-31Limited package to max version 3.7 \nincremented pkgrelutsi
2016-03-31Incremented pkgrelutsi
2016-03-31Added compatibility with versions higher than 3.6.0utsi
2015-12-17Updated package to 3.6.0utsi
2015-08-28Forgot to update .SRCINFOutsi
2015-08-28Small changes to PKGBUILDutsi
2015-08-28Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/qtcreator-cppcheck-pluginutsi
2015-08-28Initial importutsi
2015-08-28Initial importutsi