AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-19add ktexteditor dep to ktikz, do not spcify BUILD_TYPEhaawda
2018-07-02split PKGBUILD, ktikz addedhaawda
2018-05-28add qt5-tools as makedependencyhaawda
2018-04-16remove obsolete patchhaawda
2018-03-19build against qt5 nowhaawda
2017-09-16Updated version (r218.5c2945c -> r222.65ebb81).haawda
Changelog ========= Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' (65ebb81) Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' (96f2b1b) Change some includes to be compatible with both Qt4 and Qt5 (ed3eec2) Fix some definitions in cmake (1ede3a0)
2017-08-17Updated version (r202.be66c8b -> r218.5c2945c).haawda
Changelog ========= Disabling the KDE build for now (5c2945c) Trying to fix the travis KDE build (a7f3906) Trying to fix the travis KDE build (6f2a991) Travis build of QTikZ works now, adding KTikZ (c99ee45) Fixes the travis CI script (46af714) Fixed travis dependency install error (18ebf1f) Fixed travis yml syntax error (954894a) Added a travis CI yml config to try it out (3d14cd5) Merge pull request #10 from llimeht/armqreal (e691174) Merge pull request #9 from llimeht/qt5fromascii (3dca014) Merge pull request #11 from evsh/cmake-fix (1c21925) Merge pull request #14 from kstar/master (cb9c10d) Replace depreceted QString::fromAscii to QString::fromLatin1 (25c18f6) Fix quotes escaping for CMake build (e2a0191) Force qMax to use qreal template (c1bbf0b) Switch fromAscii to fromLatin1 for Qt5 deprecation (a3564ff)
2017-05-27commit the correct config.diffhaawda
2017-05-27commit the correct config.diffhaawda
2017-05-27fix patchfile to use the qt4 toolshaawda
2016-11-23use qt4, remove makefile .diff, change cinfig.diffStefan Husmann
2016-06-08removeStefan Husmann
2016-04-10fixStefan Husmann
2016-02-08replacsStefan Husmann
2016-02-05add two patchesStefan Husmann
2016-02-05UpdateStefan Husmann
2016-02-03updateStefan Husmann
2016-01-31adStefan Husmann
2016-01-31commit install fileStefan Husmann
2016-01-31initial uploadStefan Husmann