AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
29 hoursUpdate to 3.5.0tocic
8 daysUpdate to 3.4.1tocic
2023-11-06Update to 3.4.0tocic
2023-08-01Update to 3.3.1tocic
2023-08-01Update to 3.3.0tocic
2023-07-16Remove hardcoded -O2tocic
2023-07-10Update to 3.2.0tocic
2023-07-01Update to 3.1.0tocic
2023-06-16Update to 3.0.2tocic
2023-06-16Update to 3.0.1tocic
2023-06-04Update to 2.9.2tocic
2023-05-29Update to 2.9.1tocic
2023-05-13Update to 2.9.0tocic
2023-04-20Update to 2.8.0tocic
2023-04-20Add missing .tar.gz extension to sourcetocic
2023-02-06Rewrite PKGBUILD & add .gitignoretocic
2020-11-02Initial commitMark Pustjens