AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-28upgpkg: qvault 0.2.12-1XdaemonX
2019-10-14upgpkg: qvault 0.2.11-1XdaemonX
2019-09-30upgpkg: qvault 0.2.10-1XdaemonX
2019-09-25removed sed line and used envXdaemonX
2019-09-25using new way to build it, instead of out patchingXdaemonX
2019-09-25new version updateErhad Husovic
2019-09-25fixed error: conflicting filesErhad Husovic
2019-09-25cleanup and quoting fixedErhad Husovic
2019-09-24cleanup and adding licenseErhad Husovic
2019-09-24changed build process, final size is cut downErhad Husovic
2019-09-24initial 0.2.7 versionErhad Husovic