AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-07-09Update to 1.0.9Pekka Ristola
2022-07-02Make tests work even when LC_ALL is setPekka Ristola
The previous fix didn't work when user has set their locale using the LC_ALL variable.
2022-06-07Fix tests on some localesPekka Ristola
2022-04-03Update to Ristola
2022-02-13Import from github - ↵Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2021-12-05Fix PKGBUILDViktor Drobot
2021-07-09UpdateViktor Drobot
2021-01-20UpdateViktor Drobot
2020-07-06Update 1.0.5Viktor Drobot
2020-04-09Update Drobot
2020-03-18Update 1.0.4Viktor Drobot
2020-03-09Fixed PKGBUILDViktor Drobot
2019-11-08Updated to version 1.0.3Matt Frichtl
2019-09-04Updated to version 1.0.2Matt Frichtl
2019-03-31Updated to version 1.0.1.Matt Frichtl
2018-12-29Updated to version 1.0.0.Matt Frichtl
2018-10-08Updated to version 0.12.19Matt Frichtl
2018-07-24Updated to 0.12.18. Added optional dependancies. Updated URL to match CRAN ↵Matt Frichtl
recommended form.
2018-05-30Updated to 0.12.17.Matt Frichtl
2016-08-11updateXiang Gao
2016-08-11init versionXiang Gao