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21 hoursUpdate to v3.0.0.3015.Donald Webster
32 hoursUpdate to v3.0.0.3014.Donald Webster
3 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.3009.Donald Webster
3 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.3005.Donald Webster
4 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.3004.Donald Webster
6 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.3002.Donald Webster
9 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2998.Donald Webster
9 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2994.Donald Webster
9 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2992.Donald Webster
10 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2987.Donald Webster
10 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2981.Donald Webster
11 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2977.Donald Webster
13 daysUpdate to v3.0.0.2973.Donald Webster
2020-05-18Update to v3.0.0.2969.Donald Webster
2020-05-18Update to v3.0.0.2968.Donald Webster
2020-05-15Update to v3.0.0.2955.Donald Webster
2020-05-14Update to v3.0.0.2949.Donald Webster
2020-05-14Update to v3.0.0.2946.Donald Webster
2020-05-14Update to v3.0.0.2944.Donald Webster
2020-05-14Update to v3.0.0.2938.Donald Webster
2020-05-13Update to v3.0.0.2934.Donald Webster
2020-05-13Update to v3.0.0.2925.Donald Webster
2020-05-10Update to v3.0.0.2915.Donald Webster
2020-05-09Update to v3.0.0.2913.Donald Webster
2020-05-08Update to v3.0.0.2912.Donald Webster
2020-05-08Update to v3.0.0.2911.Donald Webster
2020-05-06Update to v3.0.0.2910.Donald Webster
2020-05-05Update to v3.0.0.2909.Donald Webster
2020-05-05Update to v3.0.0.2908.Donald Webster
2020-05-03Update to v3.0.0.2907.Donald Webster
2020-05-03Update to v3.0.0.2906.Donald Webster
2020-05-01Update to v3.0.0.2899.Donald Webster
2020-04-30Disable built in update mechanism, go back to root:root ownership of /usr/lib...Donald Webster
2020-04-29Update to v3.0.0.2894.Donald Webster
2020-04-28Update to v3.0.0.2892.Donald Webster
2020-04-27Update to v3.0.0.2890.Donald Webster
2020-04-27Update to v3.0.0.2887.Donald Webster
2020-04-26Update to v3.0.0.2886.Donald Webster
2020-04-25Update to v3.0.0.2878.Donald Webster
2020-04-25Update to v3.0.0.2877.Donald Webster
2020-04-24Update to v3.0.0.2871.Donald Webster
2020-04-24Update to v3.0.0.2865.Donald Webster
2020-04-23Update to v3.0.0.2853.Donald Webster
2020-04-22Update to v3.0.0.2850.Donald Webster
2020-04-22Update to v3.0.0.2849.Donald Webster
2020-04-22Update to v3.0.0.2846.Donald Webster
2020-04-14Update to v3.0.0.2830.Donald Webster
2020-04-13Update to v3.0.0.2828.Donald Webster
2020-04-12Update to v3.0.0.2824.Donald Webster
2020-04-11Update to v3.0.0.2821.Donald Webster