AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-22Release 0.8.0.Ashley Bone
2023-02-09Release 0.7.0.Ashley Bone
2023-01-09Added number of processors patch to fix CPU detection on some systems.Ashley Bone
2022-06-02Release 0.6.8Ashley Bone
2021-06-01Fixed SYSCONFIG location.Ashley Bone
2021-06-01Release 0.6.7Ashley Bone
2020-07-21Release 0.6.6. Enabled MCE PFA, removed workaround for previous linker errors.Ashley Bone
2020-07-08Updated SRCINFO with changed URL.Ashley Bone
2020-07-08Changed URL.Ashley Bone
2020-05-26Removed --enable-abrt-report configure flag.Ashley Bone
2020-05-16Added -fcommon to CFLAGS to workaround linker errors with GCC 10 when variabl...Ashley Bone
2019-12-12Release 0.6.5Ashley Bone
2019-10-12Release 0.6.4Ashley Bone
2019-09-28Release 0.6.3. Enabled new experimental features.Ashley Bone
2018-09-03Removed edits to upstream systemd unit.Ashley Bone
2018-09-02release 0.6.2Ashley Bone
2018-08-08release 0.6.1Ashley Bone
2017-10-19update dependenciesMantas Mikulėnas
2017-10-16release 0.6.0Mantas Mikulėnas
2017-09-17update source URLMantas Mikulėnas
2017-08-08fix systemd unitMantas Mikulėnas
2017-07-03update dependenciesMantas Mikulėnas
2017-07-03use bundled systemd unitsMantas Mikulėnas
2017-07-03release 0.5.9Mantas Mikulėnas
2017-05-04initial releaseMantas Mikulėnas