AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysrebuild-detector: 4.1.2Maxim Baz
6 daysrebuild-detector: 4.1.1Maxim Baz
6 daysrebuild-detector: 4.1.0Maxim Baz
2020-02-03rebuild-detector: add pacutils depMaxim Baz
2020-02-03rebuild-detector: 4.0.0Maxim Baz
2019-11-25rebuild-detector: 3.0.1Maxim Baz
2019-11-25rebuild-detector: 3.0.0Maxim Baz
2019-10-16rebuild-detector: 2.2.0Maxim Baz
2018-11-06rebuild-detector: move sources to githubMaxim Baz
2018-11-06rebuild-detector: add licenseMaxim Baz
2018-10-30rebuild-detector: support foreign packagesMaxim Baz
2018-10-20rebuild-detector: cleanupMaxim Baz
2018-08-16rebuild-detector: add parallel to deps, don't fail if python is not installedMaxim Baz
2018-08-15Rename binary to checkrebuildMaxim Baz
2018-08-15Convert to a normal binary, don't write to disk, check entire PATHMaxim Baz
2018-08-11rebuild-detector: add install note on where to find pkg listsMaxim Baz
2018-08-10rebuild-detector: detect perl and python packages tooMaxim Baz
2018-08-10Detect packages based on ldd, to reduce false positivesMaxim Baz
2018-08-07rebuild-detector: createMaxim Baz