AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-08-17Bump to 2.3.0buckket
2019-03-24Fixed upstream URLbuckket
2018-08-04Bump to 2.1.1buckket
2018-02-10Bump to 2.0.3buckket
2017-03-29Bump to 2.0.0buckket
2017-02-28Update conflictsbuckket
2017-02-28Bump to 1.2.6buckket
2016-10-31Bump to 1.2.4buckket
2016-09-20Bump to 1.2.3buckket
2016-07-13Bump to 1.2.1buckket
2016-07-12Bump to 1.2.0buckket
2016-07-05Bump to 1.1.7, update conflictsbuckket
2016-06-30Update conflicts and checksumbuckket
2016-06-17Add optdepends and providesbuckket
2016-06-17In fact we can just use AGPL3buckket
2016-06-17Add LICENSE and fix dependenciesbuckket
2016-06-17Initial importbuckket