AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-161.3.11-1Daniel E. Shub
2021-06-041.3.10-1Daniel E. Shub
2021-04-211.3.5-1Daniel E. Shub
2021-04-071.3.4-1Daniel E. Shub
2021-03-221.3.3-1Daniel E. Shub
2021-02-231.3.2-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-12-041.3.0-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-10-061.2.9-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-09-201.2.8-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-09-081.2.7-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-08-311.2.6-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-08-241.2.5-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-07-301.2.3-2Daniel E. Shub
2020-07-291.2.3-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-06-221.2.2-1Daniel E. Shub
2020-05-19update to 1.1.22Sandy Carter
2020-04-26update to 1.1.20Sandy Carter
2020-04-15Update to 1.1.19Sandy Carter
2020-03-18Update to 1.1.18Sandy Carter
2020-01-29update to 1.1.17Sandy Carter
2020-01-14update to 1.1.16Sandy Carter
2019-10-30Fix paths white spaceSandy Carter
2019-10-24update to 1.1.15Sandy Carter
2019-04-22Add /usr/bin symlinkSandy Carter
2019-04-16update to 1.1.12Sandy Carter
2019-02-27Update to 1.1.10Sandy Carter
2019-01-17whitespace fixSandy Carter
2019-01-17Add dependencies and fix-up packageSandy Carter
2018-02-04Update to 1.1.9Ethan McTague
2017-06-07v1.1.8Tomas Kral
2016-09-30v1.1.3Tomas Kral
2016-09-12v1.1.1-1Tomas Kral
2016-08-29first version 1.1.0Tomas Kral