AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
28 hoursupgrade to 0.13.0max.mehl
2021-04-28add python-pip to makedependsmax.mehl
2020-12-17upgrade to 0.12.1mxmehl
2020-06-23adapt new directorymxmehl
2020-06-23upgrade to 0.11.1mxmehl
2020-04-29upgrade to 0.10.0mxmehl
2020-02-25upgrade to 0.8.1mxmehl
2020-01-22upgrade to 0.8.0mxmehl
2019-12-13upgrade to 0.7.0mxmehl
2019-11-20upgrade to 0.6.0mxmehl
2019-10-30upgrade to 0.5.2mxmehl
2019-10-24upgrade to 0.5.1mxmehl
2019-09-10add new dependency for 0.5.0mxmehl
2019-08-31Update to 0.5.0mxmehl
2019-08-08update SRCINFOmxmehl
2019-08-08list further dependencies, some only available in AURmxmehl
2019-08-08make as REUSE compliant as possiblemxmehl
2019-08-08initial commitmxmehl