AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysAdd missing library dependency (#93)Torsten Keßler
8 daysFixed pkgrel for previously commited packages.naetherm
8 daysAdded symlink from rocminfo into /usr/bin, which closes #76.naetherm
8 daysUpdated rocminfo to 3.3.0naetherm
10 daysRename rocr-runtime -> hsa-rocr (#77)Ranieri Althoff
2020-03-27Deprecate roct-thunk-interface, update hsakmt-roct (#69)Ranieri Althoff
2020-01-09Updated to version 3.0.0naetherm
2019-07-14Update to 2.6.0Jakub Okoński
2019-01-21Fix dependency specification for rocm-cmakeJakub Okoński
2019-01-21Fix deps for rocm-cmakeJakub Okoński
2018-12-21Release 1.0.0-1bb0cc7Jakub Okoński