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9 daysupgpkg: ruby-serverengine 2.2.5-1George Rawlinson
New upstream release.
2021-05-24upgpkg: ruby-serverengine 2.2.4-1George Rawlinson
* New upstream release * Fixed arch (x86_64 to any) due to no ELF files * Deleted unnecessary files/folders from package * Moved documentation & license instead of deleting
2021-04-25upgpkg: ruby-serverengine 2.2.3-2George Rawlinson
Ruby 3 rebuild
2021-02-23upgpkg: ruby-serverengine 2.2.3-1George Rawlinson
2020-11-03upgpkg: ruby-serverengine 2.2.2-1George Rawlinson
2020-09-29addpkg: ruby-serverengine 2.2.1-1George Rawlinson