AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-11-06Bump version to 0.47.2mnussbaum
2022-03-23Bump version to 0.44.3mnussbaum
2021-12-22Bump version to 0.44.2mnussbaum
2021-07-29Bump version to 0.43.0mnussbaum
2021-07-13Bump version to 0.42.4mnussbaum
2021-06-15Bump version to 0.42.3mnussbaum
2021-04-21Bump version to 0.40.4mnussbaum
2021-01-19Bump version to 0.40.2mnussbaum
2020-10-12Upgrade to version 0.39.17mnussbaum
2020-09-15Bump vesion to 0.39.15mnussbaum
2020-07-08Bump version to 0.39.11mnussbaum
2020-06-24Bump version to 0.39.8mnussbaum
2020-05-25Fix .SRCINFOmnussbaum
2020-05-25Alpha-sort dependencies in PKGBUILDmnussbaum
2020-05-25Bump to version 0.39.7mnussbaum
And remove dependencies that are either dropped or actually belong to dependent packages and are now properly tracked there.
2020-04-08Bump version to 0.38.6mnussbaum
2020-03-09Resolve dependency conflicts with ruby-rubocopmnussbaum
ruby-rubocop depends on ruby-ruby-solargraph, and ruby-solargraph provides ruby-ruby-solargraph, so we need to be consistent
2020-02-17Fix PKGBUILDmnussbaum
Use community ruby-maruku pagackage, fix .SRCINFO file
2020-02-14Bump version to 0.38.5 and update dependenciesmnussbaum
ruby-progressbar and ruby-parser dependencies need updates before this package will actually work unfortunately
2019-08-30Bump version to 0.37.2mnussbaum
2019-07-23Bump version to 0.35.0vagrant
2019-03-29Bump version to 0.31.3mnussbaum
2019-01-25Fix dependencies, solargraph needs kramdown 1 stillmnussbaum
2019-01-25Bump version to 0.31.1mnussbaum
2019-01-25Bump version to 0.31.0-2mnussbaum
Adds missing dependencies and removes unused one.
2019-01-22Bump version to 0.31.0mnussbaum
2018-12-04Bump version to 0.29.1mnussbaum
2018-08-22Bump version to 0.25.1vagrant
2018-08-09Bump version to 0.24.1vagrant
2018-08-07Bump version to 0.24.0vagrant
2018-08-03Bump version to 0.23.6vagrant
2018-07-09Bump version to 0.23.3vagrant
2018-07-04Bump version to 0.23.2vagrant
2018-06-19Bump version to 0.22.0mnussbaum
2018-05-25Initial commit of ruby-solargraphmnussbaum